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Event Listing and Ticket Sales on Black Links


ES 4 U can help assist in showcasing, listing and promoting your event at the following locations;

  • Prominent websites

ES 4 U has strategic partnerships with leading websites who operate across the demographics and audience that you are seeking to target. Because of our unique relationship with these networks, we are able to offer a bespoke custom service which can involve a (the listing of your event) for all visitors to see. The targeted email distribution of your event to a select or specified audience via our bespoke mass email system. See the broadcast of your event via a bespoke mass broadcasting text-messaging service.

  • At physical locations and Events

ES 4 U has access to tens and thousands of retail outlets, community centres, colleges and event locations across the UK. The advertising and promotion of your event can be even more of a success if it is circulated to reach your target audience. Our networks of public facing promotional positions are there to assist in making your event reach that target audience. Where you have a specific request to reach a specific audience, please submit your details and we will help to provide a solution.

  • Promotional literature and marketing material.

Because ES 4 U is a specialist in the area of events and support services, we have a history of dealing with many other event organisers and promoters. We are constantly providing our clients with the promotional literature and marketing material. It is often the case that the target audience, which is ideal for you, is also one that either us or our clients already access to. This is enormous time and cost saving opportunity for you to be able to tap into and benefit from the work that has already been done and we can act as the facilitators in providing you access to this.

It may also be possible to arrange a joint venture, partnership or collaboration where your event expenses can be reduced and or your revenue streams increased because of our ability to find the ideal match, in order to find out more, please submit the booking form, providing as much information as possible.

Details & Information You Need To Provide

Please provide all the relevant details as it would appear on any flyer website or promotional material that you would have of your event which would include the minimal information i.e. Type of event, venue, target audience, etc.

Pricing & Payment Method

The pricing for the service that is ultimately provided to you will be based on your selection of the various alternatives available to you, together with the agreed distribution or broadcast method and period during which the service is provided.  Payment will be on the basis agreed between ES 4 U and your budget requirements.

Custom/Bespoke Service.

This service is one, which is holey and completely dependent on you providing as much information as possible. For this reason a consultation is compulsory so that we can establish the best service that satisfies your needs and this will provide you with the details of the comprehensive service available to you and how this can result in additional revenue, brans exposure and brand awareness. Please complete and submit the booking form below.