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Flyer Creation, Print and Distribution

Advertising Revenue.

Your production and distribution may be the ideal vehicle for a complementary individual, business or organisation to join with you in accessing the same audience. We are ideally placed to facilitate this arrangement. This is a bespoke service that can be booked using the submission form below.

Flyer Distribution Strategy To Clients.

Media United provides a unique and specialised TARGETED distribution campaign. Because it is targeted it is directed to the audience most likely to be your paying customers.

You get to choose from different distribution strategies, which are best for you;

  1. Name the event of your choice along with address, date and time
  2. Specified train and tube station traffic
  3. Outlets based on postcodes can be tailored to include black owed businesses and organisations, like hair and beauty business, food outlets. Along with high footfall areas such as markets, sports and recreational areas, not to mention nominated DJs and their audience.

Let us plan your Flyer campaign.

Door to door leafleting is great for products and services; online companies; local government and infrastructure notices; new local businesses and any company who wants to specifically target a particular location.

Before the campaign, we plan a route network and assign staff to pinpointed areas. ES4U uses proven and trustworthy staff that are reliable and take responsibility for their campaigns. We can also do specified outlet or shop drops as well as community centres, colleges and events.

Details & Information You Need to Provide.

Please provide the event or promotion details as you envisage it needs to appear on your promotional literature. Following the booking procedure should any additional material or information be needed then you will be contacted to arrange this.

Custom/Bespoke Service

This service is one, which is holey and completely dependent on you providing as much information as possible. For this reason a consultation is compulsory so that we can establish the best service that satisfies your needs and this will provide you with the details of the comprehensive service available to you and how this can result in additional revenue, brans exposure and brand awareness. Please complete and submit the booking form below.



Targeted promotion to specific and named geographical areas or events means that you as the promoters or event organiser can arrange the design and distribution of your flyers to your target audience as a single job.

Quantity of flyers – A5 double sided 120 grams

(art work must be provided in suitable format)

No. of Flyers          Tick Size of Flyer/Poster



until event           Tick

20,000 12 months
10,000 9 months
5,000 6 months
4,000 5 months
3,000 4 months
2,000 3 months
1,000 2 months
500 4 weeks
3 weeks
2 weeks
1 week

Subject to your answers above a price can be guaranteed that reflects the quantity, size and time to design, print and distribution. The price will be agreed by consultation following booking.


Our distribution service is currently across London but expanding to cities across the UK so please enquire for locations outside of London on booking.