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Powerful Networking Portal


ES4U recognises that your event, promotion or business is dependent on two very important factors. The first is your audience, members or clients and the second is the most effective and efficient means of being able to access and retain them. One of the best ways to achieve this is to provide a forum for them to interact.

ES4U are specialists in creating, designing and producing your bespoke social networking platform that is specific to your audience . Your platform will allow them to interact around your events, products and services or whatever you put out.

This is a very powerful and profitable resource that can help to set you above your competitors and provide you with the retention needed to keep your audience engaged and active and at the same time allow you to increase your market share.  Where accessing your audience is of paramount importance, there can be no greater position to take than to occupy a permanent place within the virtual world of the world wide web.

The power of the Internet and social networks has led to radical changes in the way that event organisers and promoters would seek to advertise, promote and market their events.  It is a platform that you cannot ignore if you want to become and remain a professional promoter or practitioner in the world of events and promotions.  

The features/functionality that can be included on your social networking platform is as follows:

Features Functionality the ES4U can provide
Activity Feed The big, up-to-the minute stream of latest activity across your network that’s located on the Main Page.
Badges You and members of your social network can embed badges across the Internet promoting your social network. Also includes media players that show off your site’s music, videos and photos.
Birthdays Showcase member birthdays so members can be congratulated on another great year. A great driver of activity.
Blog Blog posts are one way you and your members can express what’s on your mind. A soap-box staple of any social network.
Chat Everyone can participate in a live site-wide chat or private one-on-one chats with other members. Chat is always in the footer, but you can also put it on its own page. Or, put it directly on your Main Page.
Events Organize events, either in the virtual or real world. Whether or not you meet up in real life is up to you!
File manager A way for you to upload and organize files that are most important to your site. Also a great feature to use to make a “splash” intro page for your network.
Forum The place for conversation. This is often the focal point of social networks. Your site has a main forum, but you can also have group forums.
Gifts An optional feature that lets your members reward each other with pre-made or custom-made gifts. Not for every network, but great for some.
Groups Your members can organize themselves into groups, where they can meet new friends and discuss group-specific topics in group forums.
Invitations You can invite people via email or invite people from popular social networking sites.
Language Editor Don’t like the naming of things on your site? You can change nearly everything that appears in your site’s interface in the Language Editor.
Leader boards Highlight your network’s top members or content. The top photos, blog posts, videos, discussions or events can be displayed.
Messages Everything related to your members’ private inbox, as well as their public messaging capabilities.
Music You and the members of your network can upload songs. Express yourself!
Mobile Version Your site comes with its own mobile version that’s tailor-made for mobile devices. You can choose which pages show up.
Notes The wiki-like Notes feature lets you and your administrators add pages of important information to your network.
Pages A way for you to add a custom HTML page of nearly any type of content you want.
Paid Access This optional add-on lets you charge members for access to your site, a special group or a single page.
Photos Encourage your network to upload photos and images with this feature. You can control how many photos members can upload, and photos have different privacy options.
RSS Add external RSS feeds to your network’s Main Page to pull in all kinds of external content.
Social Sign-In Let your members sign up and sign in with services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, and Windows Live.
Text Box Add anything you want to a Text Box on your Main Page from text to images to third-party widgets.
Videos Members can upload their own videos or simply embed videos from services like YouTube or Vimeo.

Details & Information You Need to Provide.

From your selection of the functionality that you desire, there will be the need for you to provide answers to the questions or information needed. Please be as complete and comprehensive as possible, because the more information you are able to provide, the more complete and specific we can tailor make your platform.


Pricing & Payment Method.

The pricing for the service that is ultimately provided to you will be based on your selection of the various alternatives available to you, together with the agreed distribution or broadcast method and period during which the service is provided.  Payment will be on the basis agreed between ES 4 U and your budget requirements.

Custom/Bespoke Service.

This service is one, which is holey and completely dependent on you providing as much information as possible. For this reason a consultation is compulsory so that we can establish the best service that satisfies your needs and this will provide you with the details of the comprehensive service available to you and how this can result in additional revenue, brans exposure and brand awareness. Please complete and submit the booking form below.