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Radio Promotion Mentions, Adverts, & Sponsorship

Summary/ Description.


For Events and Promotions, radio represents a powerful local medium. Radio Ads allow you to explore the realms of the imagination that the biggest budget advertisements can’t create. Limitless and affordable… that’s radio.


Radio enables event organisers and promoters to match advertising campaigns with their geographical markets. Event organisers and promoters can use local or regional stations to reach local customers, while events targeting national markets can advertise on national radio.

Using national radio in conjunction with an e-commerce website means that you do not have to use a network of sale outlets to reach a national audience.

The service we can provide

There are so many new things happening in radio right now! Most stations now stream their programming on the Internet to reach additional listeners. That means increased name recognition for you. Get a MENTION by a DJ or Presenter for less than a tenner (£10.00). Create a bigger campaign by choosing multiple DJ’s. See Radio DJ or Presenter’s for more information.

Details & Information You Need To Provide

ES4U aims to turn your event into a commercial success by offering a service, which our clients find to be a really great service. ES4U goes the extra mile by providing the radio advertising, marketing and promotion that helps to make your event successful. We have a strategic partnership with black links global, the largest platform of black businesses and organisations that access the consumer community across the UK. Because of this unique relationship we are able to promote your event across their database of tens and thousands of members using social media marketing, at no cost to you.

An addition to the social media marketing with Black Links Global, we also have  a strategic relationship with a very powerful media-marketing machine called Media United.

Media United offers a one-stop shop of very competitive advertising across all the different media types i.e. Radio, television, magazines, brochures, billboards, rail & tube, social & digital marketing etc.

We can arrange packages of different media types specifically for your event. This would be a unique package and exclusive to us because of our long-standing and exclusive relationship with Media United who have agreed our ability to do this.

To provide you with the best value, service we require all the standard information that you would put on a flyer or any promotional literature as the minimum information to be able to quote for the chargeable advertising, promotion and marketing that we can provide.

Pricing & Payment Method

Where you opt for our unique and exclusive service with Media United, we would need to arrange a consultation and discuss all of the different types of media that you can use to promote, advertise and market your event and we would provide you with a unique broadcast or delivery schedule for your advertising campaign.

Custom/Bespoke Service.

We offer a custom/bespoke service in helping with the advertising, marketing and promotion of your events using all of the resources that we have at our disposal including the strategic partnerships with the Black Links Global, Media United and We The United. Please complete and submit the booking form below with all your relevant details and information.