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Publication Advertising

Publication Advertising

eMagazine and hardcopy Brochure

An online and offline commemorative Brochure or Magazine is an excellent way to give importance to your event and the Sponsors, Award Winners, Advertisers and Contributors who have made the Event memorable. Advertising can provide a revenue stream.


Details & Information You Need To Provide

  • Because your event or promotion comes with a specific and customize theme. We translate your ideas and concept into the publication of your choice based on the information you can provide. The content, images and other files you can provide help to complete this production. Where ideal images are needed we can obtain these. Please submit your requirements below.

Pricing & Payment Method

Following the submission of your requirements, you will engage our production department who will guide you through all the options allowing you to make an informed decision that satisfies your needs

Custom/Bespoke Service Summary

A customize service involves the ultimate service available, in which we are able to take your idea from initial concept to its ultimate completion. This involves a consultation process and ongoing progress to ensure your needs are met. Because our production department is continually being expose to new and innovating ideas that appeal to your target audience and making your event a success it is a worthwhile option to consider this specialized service as an option to the time-consuming and unhappy results that other may produce.