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Collaborations, Joint Ventures and Partnership

Collaborations, Joint Ventures and Partnership

ES4U for you offers a special and important service in seeking the ideal collaboration, joint venture, partnership or sponsor for your event now and in the future.

The benefits of seeking and finding your ideal match are enormous because the resultant effects often mean that your receive a reduction in your expenses, and increase in your revenue, increased market share and customer acquisition, greater revenue streams, increased exposure and good will, better efficiency and effectiveness and a sharing of the risk with greater rewards.

The circumstances under which these circumstances exist are when big corporates seek acquisitions, managers and takeovers, in which case the ownership of the business would change, and the control would be affected by the incoming parties.

This is often a detrimental or forced situation.  We offer a situation that is both wanted needed and amicable. The business relationship can be arranged as one in which each party acts singularly and separately, but on the same platform, bringing together their own audiences or members to share what you both have to offer or a more closer relationship where you combine all your resources and share the risks but this brings about huge rewards in increasing revenue and reducing the costs due to the scale of economies. ES4U are actively involved in nurturing a wide range of collaborative business relationships for a fixed or indefinite period.

Details & Information You Need To Provide

Any potential collaboration will involve a sharing of each party’s business details together with identifying the mutual rewards and risk involved. Where the rewards start at weigh the risks then we act as the intermediaries in bringing together the professional team who can facilitate this relationship.

Pricing & Payment Method

This premier service is provided following a consultation where our “seek and find” service is undertaken, based on the information you provide, regarding the event or promotion involved and providing an outline of your requirements. The pricing will be based on a combination of factors that primarily involve the ease of work involved and the value of the results obtained. The consultation follows the submission of the booking form below.

Bespoke Service Summary

We offer a custom/bespoke service to provide Collaborations, Joint Ventures and Partnership using all of the resources that we have at our disposal including the strategic partnerships with the Black Links Global, Media United and We The United.

We have access to 10,000’s of business owners, entrepreneurs, promoters and event organisers who are willing to consider viable business propositions that are in harmony with their business agenda.

We provide a bespoke service in arranging suitable partners and sponsors. Examples include:

  • We arrange collaborations between drinks companies and food companies?
  • Top hotel functions and high-profile names and personalities?
  • Drinks and food companies and music and film companies?
  • Holiday companies and airline companies?

In order to do this, we need you to provide us with details of the following;

  • Do you require a partner or sponsor?
  • What is the ideal arrangement for you?
  • Do you require finance if so, how much?
  • Do you require resources, if so be specific?
  • What is the arrangement for you to reward your partner or sponsor?
  • Please name what sector of business you would ideally like your partner/sponsor to come from?

Please complete and submit the booking form below with all your relevant details and information.