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Great Looking Event & Media Website


ES 4 U can create your fully functional, dynamic, e-commerce web presence. This is your media effective, customer friendly, promoter perfect, people portal that allows for all revenue streams to be captured with the additional benefit of a customer acquisition and retention program that means that the success of an event continues to be captured and the momentum monetized with the public awareness campaign that can continue with an on going social and digital marketing campaign, radio, print and flyer distribution.

Details & Information You Need To Provide

ES 4 U has built its expertise in the provision of services in the events market place. We have a deep and valuable understanding of what event organisers and promoters would like and need in order to create a successful event and build a profitable business. We have taken this expertise in providing you with the best web presence and portal possible.

You have a customized built option of two event and media websites to choose from. Because of our unique and strategic partnership with Media United, we have co-opted their resources in providing a site, which takes advantage of the vast array of advertising, marketing and promotional media at their disposal.  This is a site built using PHP. It is a more robust and professionally built website that is the ultimate in the use of proprietary object-orientated source code. It allows for the addition of any functionality that exists any other website and doesn’t come as a off the shelf, standard website. To view this sample site, go to

ES 4 U has provided a alternative website option. Whereas, the Media United option is by far the better and more powerful website, the ES 4 U option is available at a more competitive price, available at shorter notice and with the ability for you to add, delete or amend the content at your convenience.  This website is built using the open source word press platform. This means it can take advantage of any and all word pressed plugins and applications being developed constantly for your use.

ES 4 U has taken all of the headaches and stress out of the typical and normal problems that you would encounter in the design, creation and production of your event and media website. We will provide you with the finished website based on the answers you give to the questions and information needed for each item of functionality that you like. We then take your answers and create the finished pages that your finished website will display, all we need are your answers.

Please choose which pages of functionality you would like

  1. Home page
  2. About us page
  3. Services page
  4. Products page
  5. Events page
  6. Gallery page
  7. Business Presentations page
  8. Networking page
  9. Publications page
  10. Legal Matters page
  11. Guests & Artist page
  12. Calendar page
  13. Partners & Sponsors page
  14. Contact Us page

Pricing & Payment Method

We can offer a cost effective price that will rival any comparable quote you can provide for either option (A) or (B) above. Please bear in mind that because we understand that your event or events depend on more than just a website presence or portal, we don’t stop just providing you with a website. We offer the array of added value services designed to elevate your revenue and expand your brand and market share, which makes your enterprise a much more commercially viable proposition. This leaves you to concentrate on what you do best in putting together more amazing successful events.

Custom/Bespoke Service.

This service is one, which is holey and completely dependent on you providing as much information as possible. For this reason a consultation is compulsory so that we can establish the best service that satisfies your needs and this will provide you with the details of the comprehensive service available to you and how this can result in additional revenue, brand exposure and brand awareness. Please complete and submit the booking form below.

Booking Facility for Call-back.